Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eclectic designer and his Parisian apartment



Éric Allart is an interior designer, a decorator and an artist, passionate about design, always in search or creating himself beautiful, unique pieces. He loves mixing styles, genres, and he is always moved by curiosity and passion for beauty.  In Paris he lives in an apartment that reflects his creativity, his ability to mix styles and centuries and…he obviously has no fear of color!



Coffee table by Fred Brouard (note the book on Fornasetti…one of my favorite artist-designer) and above the fireplace a metal sculpture (by Éric Allart) becomes a mirror, on the sides of the mantel two vintage lamps create symmetry.



Antique wrought iron chairs in a foyer with a Fred Brouard’s sculpture on the wall. I love the approach and the blending of different styles and centuries.



Here is a great idea  if space is limited, a pile of tabourets that can be used for sitting when guests arrive. I could also see the same concept for storing items not used frequently in cylindrical boxes, creating an interesting totemic sculpture. 



Verner Panton suspension lights, a saturated blue paint on the walls and “Pyramidale” lamp by extraordinary designer Gabriella Crespi.



A 1970 stunning aluminum desk and in front a creation by Allart, the lamp “Derviche” made of black laquered metal with fabric shade. For his creations Allart prefers the use of metal, mainly bronze, and he always create unique pieces or in a very limited edition.



A simple but very inviting kitchen with antique chairs and an English vintage suspension light.



I am in love with the color of this custom cabinet painted in "Lamelle de Champignon" by Emery & Cie, and I want to say…a Black and White photograph, as seen in the corridor, is always an elegant touch.



A beautiful Fred Brouard’s sculpture and a bas-relief on the wall.

Photography by Nicolas Millet for Côté Maison.

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Kris Robitzsch said...

What would you expect from a designer? Of course he will give all his best to his home. And dude I want to live there. Awesome crib!

peggy braswell said...

So beautifully done + bravo! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Kim L. said...

I am in love with the metal mirror above the fireplace and the vintage lamps. Beautiful!

Claudia Juestel said...

Thank you Albarosa for introducing me to Éric Allart and his work.

I love his masculine approach in mixing bold modern pieces with worn vintage furnishings and the contrast of sheen and texture.



mary said...

Thank you for the Cote Maison post...Keeping up with what's current in France inspires me.

akismet-c97c7c0e1e1b3cc95c6a53bbe8208da1 said...

I am really happy to discover your blog, Maureen and belgian pearl sent me your link. Beautiful post on mixing style, the best result for an amazing result. Thank you and welcome on mine.

Elise Valdorcia

Serviced Apartments Guy said...

So many beautiful things in one place, he had the most incredible taste!

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